[Elements Flash Cards]

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Elements Flash Cards are the quick and easy way to learn your chemical elements.

Practice for just a couple minutes a day, or do intense drills on your iPod Touch or iPhone.
  • Easy to use Flash Card interface.
  • Skip cards you don't want, or flip them to see if you guessed right.
  • Select the periodic group you want to study, or go through the whole table.
  • Score your chemical element knowledge.
  • Configurable for what you need to study and what works best for you:
    • Put what you want on the front of the card: Name, Symbol, Number, and/or the Weight.
    • Allow skipped cards to be discarded.
    • Keep trying missed cards until you learn them.
    • Set how many times you want to get a card right to win the point.


[Table of Elements] See and control the entire Table of Elements from an intuitive display.
[Table of Elements] Pick just the elements you want to focus on. You can select them all and remove the ones you don't want, or turn them all off and add back the few you want to focus on.
[Table of Elements] Flexible controls allow you to customize the training to your style and needs. Focus on just a few facts, intense drills, repeat cards until you learn them.
[Table of Elements] Playing the game is fun and easy. Cards flip up. Once you remember, flip the card over to see if you got it right. Or, skip it to go to the next one. Cards will keep shuffling and repeating missed ones to maximize your retention.
[Table of Elements] Once your drill is done, see how well you did!

Elements Periodic Groups

  • Includes the 118 Elements recognized by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC).
  • Each element card has:
    • Atomic weight (brackets indicate when atomic weight is average of isotopes)
    • Atomic number
    • IUPAC symbol
    • IUPAC name
    • State at room temperature (23 degrees C)
    • Periodic Group
    • If the element is radioactive


Number of corrects to finish card How many times must you correctly guess a chemical element before its card is done. Defaults to 1 correct to finish the card, but you can set it as high as 5 for more intense study.

Put back incorrect cards If ON, when you get a card wrong; it will be put back into the deck so you can try again later. It will count against your score. If OFF, you won't get another chance at missed guesses.

Put back skipped cards If ON, when you skip a card; it will be put back into the deck and you will see it again. Since you can try again later, there is no skipped count in the final score, and skipping a card for now won't affect your score. If OFF, skipped cards count against your score, but they won't show up again.

Show on front You can toggle the chemical symbol, name, atomic number, or atomic weight to appear on the front of the card so you can practice your chemical elements in various ways.

Game Play

  1. Pick your Periodic Group.
  2. Get your two thumbs ready!
  3. When a card flashes, try to remember the chemical element
  4. If you can't remember, skip it for later.
  5. If you think you remember, flip the card over.
  6. Were you right or wrong?
  7. Finish the group, and see your score.
You can leave the game and pick and another group, or go change your settings by navigating back to the Pick Group screen.


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